Stathis Vlahos

Born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1958, Stathis made the move to Canada in 1983, calling Toronto his home ever since. A multifaceted individual, Stathis possesses an extensive background in both engineering and photography, showcasing his diverse talents and adaptability.

Stathis is an engineer with an M.A.Sc. degree from the University of Toronto. He has worked as a Management Consultant, involved in the implementation of over 30 SAP projects for customers across North America and Europe.

Stathis discovered his passion for photography in 2003, initially exploring the art form as a part-time endeavor. His dedication to the craft led him to complete a number of courses in Fashion Photography at George Brown College. From that point on, Stathis immersed himself in various photographic projects, improving his skills and expanding his repertoire.

In 2020, Stathis transitioned to a full-time freelance photographer, devoting his efforts to capturing the essence of human emotion, urban vibrancy, and the natural world. His photographic interests span portrait, city life, and nature photography, revealing his artistic versatility and keen eye for detail.

As a dedicated artist, Stathis is personally invested in each step of the photographic journey. From framing the ideal shot to refining the image in post-processing and producing an eye-catching final print.

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