My story

I was born in Thessaloniki (Greece) in 1958 and I moved to Canada in 1983. Since then I live and work in Toronto.

I studied Engineering  and I spent my professional career as a management consultant,worked in the implementation of over 50 projects serving customers across North America and Europe.

I have always been fascinated with Photography and I started been involved in a more serious way since the beginning of this century  as an old passion resurfaced.

I received some formal training in Photography at George Brown College and I have been working in various photographic projects on ever since.

Photography is the best way to express my inner thoughts and feelings by creating images that capture the life around us and stimulate emotions.

I am very much involved at all points of the life cycle of an image; from capturing it, to post processing,  to the final printed outcome.

My recognitions

(Series) Little people and more, Nominee in Conceptual,  2021

2. Monovisions Photography Awards
(single) Old City Hall Toronto, Honorable Mention - Photo, Architecture,  2021

3. Monovisions Photography Awards
(single) Lost, Honorable Mention - Photo, People,  2022

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